Lecture Helper

This program is NOT a bot!
It just simply "add things" to the ActiveWorlds browser.
Same as if you would have typed it yourself.

This program may be of some use if you have alot to say.
Like in a meeting or building lessons or something like that.

If you start Lecture Helper and get a "No connection with the AW Browser" error you need to change the settings by clicking the "Setup" button.

The main thing here is if your chat window in the AW Browser is docked or not docked.
The "number" you can change is as far as i have seen always 1 for the chat textbox. (2 is whispers textbox. 3 is the textbox where you see all the chat)


Download Lecture Helper

(Last update September 19 2017 v1.2.0)

Screen Shots


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